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Camille Brochu

Arts & Culture

Camille Brochu is the head designer and inspiration guru at Creative Hands Cuisine, a catering business she co-owns with her husband in Mesa, AZ. Founded in 2002, Creative Hands has become a highly sought-after caterer for events, weddings, parties, and other occasions throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Creative Hands Cuisine has catered events for companies such as Pepsi, Nordstrom, FedEx, and Morgan Stanley and has built a portfolio of thousands of satisfied clients. Beyond just crafting memorable food experiences for their clients, Camille and her husband are committed to their community and strive to give back whenever possible.

With a background in occupational therapy and the medical field, Camille Brochu has a heart for people in need. She and her husband strive to keep their business focused on investing in people. This is evidenced by the thorough attention to detail and customized experiences to meet the needs and expectations of each client. Camille’s husband is the mastermind behind most of their food, while Camille manages more of the front-of-house responsibilities. Together, their talents mesh well to keep the business thriving.

In one example of Camille Brochu’s philanthropic values, she organized a fundraiser during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having worked in healthcare before launching the catering business, Camille felt strongly about supporting frontline workers who were dealing with unprecedented work conditions. Alongside Creative Hands, she launched Feed the Soul, a GoFundMe campaign that allowed them to make and deliver hundreds of meals to healthcare facilities around the community. Amidst the stress and uncertainty, the recipients of the meals were grateful for warm, nutritious meals to bolster their energy. Beyond this campaign, Camille and her family often volunteer at local nonprofit organizations, including a men’s shelter and an animal rescue.

Camille Brochu keeps up with the latest fashion and design trends to provide the best possible service for their clients. The Creative Hands team understands that food trends follow fashion and other artistic industries, and they use that knowledge to guide their theming and experiential elements. Camille works to design their food sets to entertain, going above and beyond just feeding guests. In line with this, they always experiment with new and unique food flavors while integrating tried-and-true options.

Additionally, Camille Brochu and her husband prioritize hiring exceptional team members. While many other catering companies fight high turnover rates or rely on temporary workers, Creative Hands has cultivated a close-knit team of well-trained professionals who tend to stick around for a long time. Camille ensures every new hire receives extensive training in etiquette, managing logistics, and providing consistent service. This has been critical in building their reputation, as clients can expect high levels of professionalism and a consistent experience across multiple events.

When she isn’t busy planning events and displays, Camille Brochu enjoys spending time with her family. They take time to travel and own a home in Sedona. One of their favorite destinations is Oahu, HI. Additionally, Camille enjoys practicing yoga. Visit to learn more.

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